What is MortiSafe

MortiSafe is: The safe can be used to secure, say, some keys for a chastity device. The safe can then be locked and controlled by the MortiThingy.

The MortiThingy can be told to keep the safe locked until:

This can be used either by a remote dom to control a sub, or by the self-locking sub to control themselves using the time delay feature.

A dom can use software or a website to generate a 'lock code' and an 'unlock code', then send the lock code to the sub. The lock code can optionally include a set an amount of time that the safe should stay locked. The sub (perhaps monitored by the dom on webcam) can lock the keys in the safe then use software to tell the MortiThingy the lock code. It will then keep the safe locked until the specified time elapses or until the unlock code is provided.

For instance, that app might generate lock code "Lb5a9464888c2b5a9e745" - this is a key which will keep the safe locked for 3 days (you can't tell how long by looking at the key) or until the unlock code of "Ued6a76b5cdef" (which you couldn't guess) is provided.

The sub would need to use the software to tell the MortiThingy the unlock code, but no software is required if the set time passes. So as long as the lock code has a set expiration time, the safe will eventually open even if your computer blows up or you lose internet connection.

Or if you're a self-locking sub, you can use different software to generate a lock code and send it to the safe, either for a time duration you specify or a randomly chosen time between two times you specify.

As an alternative to using software to generate codes, a website can be used to generate them and automatically download them to the MortiThingy.

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