MortiSafe Pictures

Here's some pictures of the various bits. Click pic to zoom in.

This is the front of the MortiThingy device which plugs into your PC (that's a USB plug at the bottom).

There's 2 buttons and 3 lights. One button is used to allow the safe to be opened (when it's not secured with a lock code or time controlled). The lights tell whether the system is currently secured or not.

The white strip is hard plastic, which holds the device together and stops anyone interfering with the electronics. It's quite tough, you'd need a drill or power saw to get into it.

This is the back of the MortiThingy. The only bit of interest here is two buttons which can be used to test connection to the safe.
This is the digital safe open, with the MortiReceiver wired up to it
This is the MortiReceiver which sits inside the safe and prevents its unauthorised use. It has an attached buzzer with battery for alerting when the safe is available to be opened (such as when the lock time runs out).
This is a close-up of the MortiReceiver wiring in case a wires comes loose in transit and you need to check where it should go. The safe cable is at the top, the buzzer on the side and the power supply at the bottom.
This is the safe with the panel unscrewed (that's it at the bottom). You can see the wire running from the safe's solenoid to its control board has been cut and screwed into the white block.

That's all you need to do to modify the safe. You can then screw the panel back on and the white cable will slip through a gap.

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