How to use a MortiSafe as a dom

If you are a dom, and your sub has a MortiSafe, you don't need any equipment to control them, just go here and download the application MortiSafe_Dom.exe.

With this, you can generate a lock code and an unlock code. You can send the lock code to your sub and they can use it to secure their safe (you may want to watch them on webcam to ensure they do it). Then the safe will stay secured until you send them the unlock code.

In addition, when you create a lock code, you can add a time period. Once the safe is secured with the lock code, it will automatically become unsecured (available to be unlocked & open safe) once the time has passed, or if you give them the unlock code before then.

If you add a time period to the key, you can choose whether the sub can see the time duration or not. So you can choose to generate a key which will automatically unlock but for whom the sub can't tell how long it will take.

The lock and unlock code you generate are a 'matching pair' - once the lock code has been used, only the unlock code created at the same time can be used to unlock (or, if you added a time period, once the time runs out).

If you generate a lock and unlock code, it's up to you to keep the unlock code somewhere safe if you send your sub the lock code. There's no way to regenerate the unlock code if you should lose it. It can be a good safety feature to always include a time delay in the lock code as an emergency backup. For instance, if you're planning on keeping your sub locked for 2 weeks, generate a code which will automatically unlock after 3 weeks. You can still send your sub the unlock code after 2 weeks but if anything should happen, they'll get released eventually.

If you're in contact with your sub only through phone or text messaging and you think the unlock code is too long to read or type, then send your sub by email all of the unlock code except for the last 2 or 4 characters. The code is useless without all of it. You can then read out or text the last 2 or 4 characters to release them.

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