MortiSafe Customer Experiences

Here's some information about existing customers:

Serial number Country Safe Comments
000001 USA
000002 Netherlands
000003 USA via agent
000004 UK For build notes, see here
000005 Norway
000006 USA
000007 USA Bunker Hills Safe 34589
000008 UK Maplin Digital Safe N94CJ Even though the MortiReceiver is powered, you still need the batteries in the digital safe.
000009 France B0033BUALM
000011 France Electrolux SKE160
000012 USA
000013 UK via agent When you wire the power adaptor to the MortiReceiver, and especially if you need to swap the wires, make sure you unplug from the mains first. Make sure you have the right sized screwdriver to fit the screws holding the panel onto the safe.
000014 Finland via agent
000015 Finland via agent
000016 Finland via agent
000017 UK
000018 USA
000024 USA BARKSA Took 12 calendar days to deliver.
For build notes, see here
000025 UK
000026 USA 20th device sold
000027 UK
000028 UK For build notes, see here
000029 Swizerland via agent
000030 UK
000031 Israel Took 10 calendar days to deliver.
For build notes, see here
000032 UK via agent
000033 Australia Took 12 calendar days to deliver.
000034 USA
000035 UK
000036 USA 30th device sold
000037 UK via agent
000038 USA
000039 Israel
000040 USA
000041 Netherlands via agent
000042 Netherlands
000043 UK
000044 UK
000045 UK
000046 UK Replacement
000047 USA 40th device sold

Took 8 days to arrive

000048 USA
000049 Netherlands

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