Configuring the MortiThingy

Download all the files on Software onto your PC and save them somewhere so you know where they are.

Do NOT plug the MortiThingy into your PC yet. The 'auto discover' feature of Windows won't understand the device yet. If you've already put the MortiThingy into a USB socket, see the instructions at the bottom of this page about uninstalling it.

The next steps depend on the version of Windows you're using:

Windows 7

  1. Click on 'Start menu' and type "hdwwiz" into the box at the bottom of the menu, and press enter on the keyboard. This runs the Add Hardware Wizard.
  2. Click "Next" on the 'welcome' page
  3. Choose "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list"
  4. Choose "Ports (COM and LPT)" and 'Next'
  5. Click on "Have Disk"
  6. Browse for and select the "MortiThingy.inf" file you downloaded earlier
  7. There's a warning about the driver not being digitally signed - you can ignore this.
  8. Click on 'Next' twice
  9. You will see another warning about not being able to verify the publisher, but click 'Install this driver software anyway'
  10. On completion it may show a warning about "may not work correctly", but this is okay (it can't find the hardware yet)
  11. Click "Finish"
  12. Now plug the MortiThingy into your PC. It should install the driver without any specific messages
  13. Now read the After installation section below

Windows XP

  1. Plug the MortiThingy into a USB port on your PC
  2. It will tell you it has found new hardware, and ask if you want to install software automatically or from a specific location. Choose 'specific location'
  3. When it asks for where to find the driver, check the 'include this location' box and put in the path of the folder containing the files you downloaded
  4. If it tells you the software has not passed Windows Logo testing, click on 'Continue Anyway'
  5. It will eventually complete the installation - click 'Finish'
  6. Now read the After installation section below

After installation

The blue 'Unsecured' light on the MortiThingy should be on, as well as the green power light.

If you push the 'Control' button, the blue 'Unsecured' light will go out and the red 'Secured' light will go on for about a second, then it will switch back again.

The MortiThingy is now configured and working.

If you get into any problems later, you can always unconfigure it. You might find it useful if, for instance, you change the device from one port to another, or you find Windows gets stuck thinking the device is in a port that it's not in.

If you need to do this, run Control panel, Device Manager, open up 'Ports (COM and LPT)' and right click and 'properties' on any ports you see there. Any port where the 'manufacturer' is shown as MortiSafe is one installed for the MortiThingy. You can right click and 'uninstall' it. That will allow you to go through the configuration process again.

I noticed on Win7 the above installation process leaves one 'broken' configured COM port (I think due to installing the driver when there's no connnected product) and another working COM port (created when you plug the MortiThingy in). You can safely 'delete' the broken one (don't check the box to delete the driver) if it causes a problem.

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