Wiring the digital safe

  1. Take the back off the door of the safe (usually 4 screws)
  2. Find the solenoid - this is a cylinder (blue in the picture below) which has a bolt inside it which engages with the door locking mechanism, so it's what electronically controls the locking/unlocking of the safe.
  3. You'll find 2 wires coming from it to the control board
  4. Cut one of them (whichever's longest)
  5. Clean about 1cm or 1/2 inch insulation off both ends of the wire
  6. Push each end of the wire into the screw terminal block on the end of the Safe Cable and tighten screws to hold them in
  7. Screw the panel back onto the safe
  8. Locate the aerial on the MortiReceiver - it's a tightly wound coil of wire. Pull it out and push it through one of the holes in the back of the safe
  9. Put all the parts inside the safe, but don't close the door. You should make sure you're fully familiar with the MortiSafe operation and you have locked/unlocked the safe several times while the safe door is open before you close it
  10. For details of how to operate the safe, see here

For more pictures, see here.

I used to recommend cutting the wire to the battery compartment instead, but some safes lose their combination if they have the battery disconnected for a long time, so it's safer to cut the solenoid wire instead.

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