Powering and testing the MortiReceiver

  1. Take your power adaptor - NOT plugged into a wall socket yet
  2. Cut off the end with the socket which usually plugs into the appliance, so you have most of the cable still attached to the plug you put into the wall
  3. Clean about 1cm or 1/2 inch of insulation from the ends of the two wires in the cable, so you can see metal
  4. Feed this cable through a hole in the back of the safe, so the part which plugs into the wall is outside. If you have upper and lower holes, use a lower one
  5. Pull through just enough cable so that it could reach all parts of the inside of the safe
  6. Take the supplied washer and put the cable through it from the inside of the safe, and push the washer back until it's against the back wall of the safe but still has the cable running through it
  7. Tie the cable around the washer, at the point where the cable comes through the back wall
  8. The point of this is so that the cable can't be pulled out of the safe from the outside (the washer will stop it) but the cable inside the safe is long enough to reach what it needs to. This means you can't accidentally unpower something by pulling the cable
  9. Put the two bare wires into the power connection screw terminals on the MortiReceiver
  10. If you can tell which wire is positive and which is negative, connect them the right way. However, if you're not sure then just connect them one way and try it out. If it doesn't work, swap them over
  11. Make sure the MortiThingy is plugged into a USB socket on your PC, so the blue 'Unsecured' light is on
  12. Plug the power adaptor into a wall socket
  13. On the back of the MortiThingy there's two buttons for testing the MortiReciver. Push one of these and you should here a click coming from the MortiReceiver (these buttons do nothing but cause a clicking sound). If not, try swapping the power wires
  14. Push the 'Control' button on the MortiThingy. A buzzer should sound. Push it again and the buzzer will stop

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