Checking the MortiReceiver wiring

The MortiReceiver is the part that looks like this picture:

You'll see there's two wires which come off connected to a screw terminal block - that's the Safe Cable. And there's two wires connected to a buzzer and a battery clip.

If any of these have come disconnected in transit, screw them back in as indicated on the diagram.

Note that some devices ship with different wiring - the two wires marked 'to buzzer and battery' above don't come from the screw terminals in the picture, but from two near the cable marked 'to safe' above. If you imagine the 6 screws along the top of the picture above being numbered 1 to 6 from left to right, so the 'to safe' wires are in 2 and 3, then the 'to buzzer and battery' wires would be in 5 and 6.

The wiring on the MortiReceiver must match the internal wiring of the MortiThingy. In general if the MortiThingy is white then the MortiReceiver should be wired as the picture above, and if it's black then it should be wired as the description in the paragraph above.

Later on we'll be attaching power using the screw terminals at the bottom.

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