Build notes for safe 000031

This customer fitted the MortiReceiver parts into the door of the safe:

The system is totally enclosed in the door panel. I had to use the solenoid wire as disabled element as the safe loose its code to default After 1 minute without batteries. However it is not a big issue as the buzzer let you know when the safe is unlocked.

This safe has a key emergency release. I removed the lever of the key – from the inside, making it useless. Other option would be To leave the keys inside the safe – but I prefer a no-key safe box. The overall construction quality and materials used for this safe is probably the lowest possible. It is cheap, around 35$. It is also relatively light weight, 3.5 kg, an advantage for shipping costs.

For the purpose of keeping keys safe – it is perfect. I will make another round of improving the overall fixtures – to make it more robust. I didn’t checked the range between the Morthything and the safe, but for 10 meters it work perfect.

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