Build notes for safe 000024

Safe: BARSKA digital keypad safe, 16 1/2" x 14 1/2"

Chosen due to potential security issues with cheaper safes. This has motorized bars on door.

It uses a four digit combination, with a long lockout delay for an invalid code.

The safe has rather thin walls, but I think this is standard for safes designed to be built into hotel walls.

This is apparently being replaced with a biometric unit, so one may get a bargain.

I attached the transformer to the back of the safe using foam mirror attachment squares.

The back of the safe has three fairly large holes. I easily used one for the power cable.

The safe has two security hex screws (with pin inside) attaching the inside cover. I was barely able to use an inexpensive Chinese 5/64 bit to turn these screws slightly, then use a pliers to unscrew them. Under the cover, things look similar to the normal safes.

My backup plan was to use a Dremel tool to shave down two edges of each screw, then use the pliers.

The inside cover has a hole which was used to pass the (safe) cable, after temporarily removing the connecting block.

Added some additional "friendly plastic" (InstaMorph) using a hair dryer to bridge a gap on the MortiThingy.

The modified safe seems to work flawlessly, but it took a number of presses on the MortiThingy to start things off.

I haven't verified what happens when the safe is without power for weeks, but I suspect everything will be fine.

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