The MortiSafe project has been retired. I will no longer be selling new MortiSafe units, although will still be supporting existing installations.

This is partially because one of the components used has changed design to make it no longer suitable, so would need research into a replacement component. It's also because the project started out as an experiment to see if there was an affordable solution to the challenge of a time or internet controlled locking safe which could be easily produced in small numbers. The solution worked well but required some construction time by me for each unit which became more of a chore as time went on. I tried to get other people involved in the project, including people to build completed safes, but there was little interest.

I think the project can be considered a success as far as it went, selling over 40 units. If anyone would be interested in working on something along a similar design, please get in touch. I'm going to leave the rest of the website here for those still using MortiSafe and as a legacy to the project.

If you are looking for a similar device, I recommend The Kitchen Safe which is a very effective time controlled safe, though does not have the remote control aspect of MortiSafe.

UPDATE - I'm considering a future new product which will have similar functionality to MortiSafe, please mail me if you'd like to be kept informed about developments.


A MortiSafe is a steel safe which can be either time controlled or internet controlled. You can use it to secure, for instance, chastity belt keys.

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